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    Legal Referrals

    As highly regarded personal injury lawyers, MD Lawyers is often asked to assist other lawyers with their personal injury cases.

    First and foremost, we understand that asking for our assistance is a display of trust, as well as a desire to do what’s best for your personal injury clients.

    We take the time to discuss each case in depth with the referring lawyer to ensure we understand the situation fully, whether we continue with an existing case or take it on from the outset. We keep you informed to the extent you and the client wish while treating each client as though he or she was our own.

    Working on your behalf, we ensure your personal injury clients receive the highest level of legal assistance, protecting your reputation as well as ours. When your client requires your advice, we send them back to you; your retainer is secure.

    If we can be of assistance with your client’s personal injury case, please contact us.

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