July 2, 2021

How do contingency fees work?

If we agree to proceed beyond an initial investigation in your case, we usually enter into a contingency fee agreement that governs how we are paid.  Most individuals cannot afford to pay upfront for a lawsuit. Contingency fee agreements facilitate access to justice by allowing you to compensate us for our time by paying a percentage of the amount you recover at the end of the case.  The percentage fee is decided upon based on the risks in your particular case, the amount of resources we will spend to properly prepare your case, and other factors that we will discuss together.

The Law Society of Ontario requires firms to publish the maximum contingency fee they charge to ensure the public can make informed decisions. Unless a court orders otherwise, our fee will not be more than 35% of your damages and costs. Your fee may be lower. Fees will always be discussed and agreed upon in advance to ensure there are no surprises.