May 12, 2017

Hospital Falsified Chart, Denied Wrongdoing for Years in Birth Injury

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Hospital falsified chart, denied wrongdoing for years in birth injury resulting in $5.2M award: documents


Comments from associate Danielle Douek:

Ontario hospitals are required by law to report critical incidents, those medical errors that cause death or serious injury to a patient, as soon as possible.

Our health care system is plagued by low error reporting rates by nurses and doctors, which have been attributed to time pressures to treat patients, fear of punishment, skepticism about the benefit of reporting and different opinions of what type of error has to be reported.

If health care providers will falsify a medical chart to hide their errors at the expense of a brain injured newborn, how can Ontarians trust a system that relies on them to voluntarily report their errors?

This case is an example of how medical errors are handled within a hospital, in violation of the law and in breach of the public expectation of transparency about errors as a tool to improve health care.  Unfortunately, modification of records and false testimony covering up errors is something we see all too often. But as with this case, the truth comes out eventually.

If you have had a poor outcome from medical care, even if you have been told it is a known complication, be vigilant. Get legal advice from an experienced medical malpractice lawyer.